How NOT to get banned while playing Real Racing 3 Mod

Hello, I have been playing real racing 3 for months and got banned many times due to the cheat apk, and also played for a while with it. I know specific ways of not becoming recognized by RR3 servers, RR3 has traps on its server to detect Cheats.

Safety measures

° Don’t Buy Cars not related to Your level / career process
° Don’t overwrite app data with previous game data on Facebook, Google account ( Safe to log in)
° Use both currency’s to buy upgrades and cars
° Don’t attempt to VIP car (instant ban)
° Don’t buy exclusive black & Gold labeled) cars.
° Don’t play online tournaments ( Back deta Delete cheat apk Download original app )

Its the safest way not to get banned online.

Or use Lucky Patcher. Just use Lucky Patcher to perform In-App purchases but don’t go too far. Just buy the amount you need for that moment and build up like that. I have not been banned at all and I am participating in tournaments. Just a tip, don’t go rouge and buy and upgrade all cards and VIP them, just do the ones you need for a race.